My Goodness – Shiver + Shake and More, Band Live in Portland 12/18

Powerpacked, feedback-overloaded, garage-born Seattle blues rock dynamo, My Goodness, have some upcoming shows. From the video above you can tell their live show features loud, angry rock from the good old days. Below is a stream of their recent album and below that is their cover of the Rod Stewart song, “Young Turks.” . . . → Read More: My Goodness – Shiver + Shake and More, Band Live in Portland 12/18

Steven Blane – Gonna Light the Lights Tonight

Here’s a catchy little tune and a really likable voice. Rabbi Steven Blane has written an all-holiday-inclusive (Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa) tune and accompanies himself on the ukulele.

Rebel Coast – Lonely Christmas

Toronto-based youth band Rebel Coast release their latest single, “Lonely Christmas” just in time for the holiday season. The song, written by the five band members; Curtis Smith, Kyle McVea, Ryan Hawken, Angelo Moretti and Amer Dhaliwal, serves as the first single from the band’s upcoming holiday EP, Home For The Holidays.

Produced . . . → Read More: Rebel Coast – Lonely Christmas

Ariana Grande – Santa Tell Me

ARIANA GRANDE has delivered her brand new original holiday single, “Santa Tell Me”.

Sunday, ARIANA lit up the stage at the 2014 American Music Awards in Los Angeles. First, she delivered a sizzling medley of hits including “Problem”, “Break Free”, and “Love Me Harder” with The Weeknd. Watch the stunning performance here. . . . → Read More: Ariana Grande – Santa Tell Me

GENEVIÈVE BELLEMARE – Shenanigans and More

GENEVIÈVE BELLEMARE is yet another young Canadian-born woman who has moved down to LA to find success in the music biz. She lived in Oregon for a while (McMinnville by way of Corvallis and won Eugene band of the year several years ago as Voudoun Moi) and found a boyfriend and a guitarist . . . → Read More: GENEVIÈVE BELLEMARE – Shenanigans and More

Cimorelli – Christmas Magic

America’s most musical family CIMORELLI have released their first-ever holiday EP, Christmas Magic [Awesomeness Music/Republic Records], on November 24 via all digital retailers. For this special collection, the six sisters interpreted five seasonal classics, seamlessly adding their own spirit to each. The EP arrives hot on the heels of their fifth and latest . . . → Read More: Cimorelli – Christmas Magic

Jordan Klassen – Firing Squad

Jordan Klassen is a singer/songwriter with a pop sensibility and a soulful voice. According to his online bio, “Jordan Klassen is a leader of the Peter Pan generation: a comforting voice for the lost twentysomethings of the new millennium. Only difference is – he’s found his way. A seasoned songwriter from BC, Klassen views . . . → Read More: Jordan Klassen – Firing Squad

Sunrise Hostel Portland – Spoof, T-Shirt Scam or Proposed Artist Colony? You Decide

This is precious. The email below rolled in to East Portland Blog this morning purporting to be real, but it must be a spoof or a Portlandia skit. The group’s video is above. This is too Portland even for Portland. To outward appearances, this is a crowd source funding campaign for a proposed . . . → Read More: Sunrise Hostel Portland – Spoof, T-Shirt Scam or Proposed Artist Colony? You Decide

Beyoncé – 7/11

This was released yesterday and every few hours it’s had a million more Youtube views. You gotta love the part where she dials her foot like a phone (2:35) and the “fresher than you” rant (3:20).

Robert Plant – Lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar, by Pat Thomas

Listening to the new Robert Plant album Lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar and while it’s not nearly as captivating as 2010’s Band of Joy (which ranks with Plant’s best work ever) – this new one, at this stage in his nearly 50 year career is fairly fresh and different from previous work. Quality-wise, I’d . . . → Read More: Robert Plant – Lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar, by Pat Thomas

Pentatonix – Mary Did You Know?

In our church, it’s the local obstetrician who can be counted on to bless the congregation by singing a spirited version of this song during the Advent season. (My lovely wife and I call him “Dr. MaryDidYouKnow?” and have often marveled at his spectacular sports car in the church parking lot.) I’ve always assumed . . . → Read More: Pentatonix – Mary Did You Know?

Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars

Moms and Dads will remember this groove. Very 80s. Mucho irresistable.

Shilpa Narayan – Baby Go Home

Check out NYC-based soul-pop artist Shilpa Narayan and her newest video “Baby Go Home,” off her upcoming EP, set to release early 2015. Vibe Magazine named her “Artist to Watch,” while Carson Daly himself selected Shilpa’s submission for a chance to audition for The Voice.

David Bowie – Heroes, by Betsy Youngquist

I’m standing in front of the piece of paper on which David Bowie wrote his lyrics for “Heroes,” with tears falling down my face. This is a must see exhibit for anyone at all interested in the miracle of the creative process: David Bowie Is at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

. . . → Read More: David Bowie – Heroes, by Betsy Youngquist

Irvin Mayfield – O Tannenbaum

The Grammy and Billboard award-winning trumpeter and bandleader, Irvin Mayfield, has put out his first album of holiday music with A New Orleans Creole Christmas, a collection of timeless holiday classics reinterpreted by the widely-recorded cultural ambassador of New Orleans. With his 12th release on the New Orleans source for jazz, Basin Street . . . → Read More: Irvin Mayfield – O Tannenbaum

Hana Kim – Heaven Sees Me

Here’s a new song from Los Angeles singer/songwriter Hana Kim bringing to light human trafficking around the world and supporting Saving Innocence, a Los Angeles based nonprofit fighting against child trafficking.

“Piece by piece you bought and sold / you’re trading me now in for gold / I was never yours to . . . → Read More: Hana Kim – Heaven Sees Me

Cat Stevens New Album – Tell ‘Em I’m Gone, by Pat Thomas

The new “Cat Stevens” album isn’t as good as I thought it would be – it’s about 20x times better! Also pleased to hear “Cat” questioning some of his spiritual beliefs and most surprising, blues music with the likes of Charlie Musselwhite on harmonica. And fellow traveler Richard Thompson makes an appearance.

. . . → Read More: Cat Stevens New Album – Tell ‘Em I’m Gone, by Pat Thomas

Flashpoint: Ferguson, by Mark Erickson

On August 9, 2014, Michael Brown, an unarmed 18 year old African American citizen of Ferguson Missouri, was shot multiple times in cold blood during daylight hours by a white police officer. The teen’s body laid in the street for FOUR hours because police labeled the shooting a crime scene instead of sending the . . . → Read More: Flashpoint: Ferguson, by Mark Erickson

Bryan Ferry – Loop De Li

From the soon to be released album, Avonmore. Sure, we’ve heard this from Bryan Ferry before, but it’s been a long time since we’ve heard the like of this. And the video is both posh and unnerving. At, reviewer Tom Moon compares Avonmore favorably to the 1982 Roxy Music classic, Avalon.

. . . → Read More: Bryan Ferry – Loop De Li

Denyse Tontz – Mr. Hipster