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Jamaica Day 4: Ras Isachar, USA vs Donald Trump, Jelly a Day, by Davin Michael Stedman

I am playing on Roots FM and getting interviewed…

Things you learn live on the air.

Selecta (Ras Isachar) introduces me to Kingston as a friend of Jamaica and the left handed guitar player then plays “No Woman No Cry.”

Is this the real life?

This just happened: I just played 3 songs live on Roots FM in Kingston. I thought I was just hanging out but I brought my guitar to show Ras Isachar the song he inspired, called ‘Go Tell it To The Mystics’.

Well he interviewed me and had me play what may have have been 40 minutes and I answered really tough loving questions about my perception of the crime wave on the island. We discussed how we can all work together to protect tourism, tourists, and the good people of Jamaica.

“Can you do another?”

I sang, people called in. IS THIS THE REAL LIFE?

…and Ras Isachar gave me insight into Bob Marley as a soccer player.

This island is magic on top of magic, with another layer of magic. Three layers.

USA vs Donald Trump

Donald Trump has set himself up for one of the most epic falls in the history of humankind. His remaining supporters are only sticking around because they were peasants that bought the Snake Oil in the first place. What’s left is the special forces of stupid.

Oh Make America Great Again doesn’t sound like a Nazi rallying cry? How about America First?

Sorry not Sorry. You got conned, and the people that were too afraid to call you out are the people you should misdirect your shame upon.

If any Trump voter would have looked into his actual financial history for 5 minutes they would have realized he wasn’t Tony Stark. He was that soft WASP washing money for the Tony Montanas of slumbag of inner earth. Sorry for insulting dogs here, but Trump is just a rich basic b_tch that Tomi Lahren can’t hide in her purse on a plane, because it won’t shut the f_ck up.

But if you got off with how Trump attacked minorities and don’t qualify that as racism, I have some oily bed sheets for you. Don’t worry the Klan was the original anonymous American troll and coward, hiding behind their true identities and fighting only in numbers.

The USA vs Donald Trump is the greatest judicial move besides ending the Citizens United. Trump is the pure byproduct of Citizens United. Why we aren’t in the streets fighting for its repeal is why America might truly be over.

We need to show the world how to handle dictators and traitors, using rule of law and the process of gathering intelligence and evidence.

Trumps tricks are running out. He has put himself in a situation where his Daddy’s trusts, the Russian mob, the Arab sheiks, and Putin himself cannot rescue him. What would they want to. His Wives have one thing in common. They all hate him and the bankruptcies he rolled in on.

When you fail that hard upward, then up becomes down.

Lock him up. If we do not indict him, then America fails. But we already failed when we elected the worst person in America to be our brand manager.

Do you realize how much better we would be if we had elected OJ Simpson. He’s a much better actor and despite of the CTE and his blue moon of murderous rage, would be much in the Oval Office. If not for the Crime Scene, he would still be America’s sweetheart and a huge personality in our homes.

But Donald Trump has always been Trash. Nobody respected him or even wanted to loan him money, except mobsters. And that was Money laundering.

The only people that support Trump are bigots and or fools with a small sample of his fellow thieves that see the inevitable opportunity to sell peasants down the river, which always been a great American business opportunity.

So I should find common ground? I thought they told you not to negotiate with terrorists?

I will find common ground with Americans that respect the rule of law.

Jeff Sessions does not. Even the Keebler elves disowned his ass and now follow Peter Dinklage. Let’s vote our Orange Idi Amin off the island and into the ocean he slithered out from on the shores of Coney Island. But legally and peacefully, with all the shame he brought upon my homeland.

Because you never went to Richard Nixon High School.

Keep fighting for the forces of good.

And for those that contest these words tell me how much you respect Vladamir Putin and how little you know about him… and The Cold War. Enlighten us with your grasp of Russian history. The only people that can argue for Putin are Russians, and many that oppose him are silent. Russians are allowed to respect the Bear that finally DP’d a real Bald Eagle. But don’t forget who was riding train.

Oh yeah, Jamaica Update. Even the Jamaicans that idolize Ronny Reagan and Edward Seaga know Trump is hyper-racist Dictator trash. And they believe in trickle down and the extreme unregulated capitalism of so called self reliance. Because they are alive and they are listening. The whole world is watching and we are all on trial. Unless we declare USA vs Donald Trump. Everyone against him. Justice for one that is justice for all.

A Jelly a Day

Back to your scheduled Jamaican programming: Here is how you can cut up your own jelly at home with just a standard side arm of a Carribean buccaneer.

The cutlass is not only the #1 choice for a man with one leg as he swings aboard an unfortunate Spanish vessel, it is also the best tool for draining a young cocunut of its essential juices.

Like Aki and daggering, some exports just don’t travel well as a lucrative export. But I have only jelly a day from my various jelly dealers.

The gentleman or woman in the jelly trade ingeneniously cuts a shard off you can use as a spoon like you did when you chowed down on those little cups of ice cream, that could barely give give your little cherub face brain freeze.

More travel adventures and insights to come. Next stop, Trench Town in the middle of a legendary crime wave that must be respected. But when you are asked by Jamaican residents of Trench Town to sing for them, you must count on their protection and kinship. Because you would do the same for them in your neighborhood, wouldn’t you?

That is One Love. Let’s not ever forget that some of the best people live in what Jamaica calls the ghetto. Though it is it is interesting to pause to consider what ghetto originally meant and is supposed to mean, especially on an island that is African, with an intriguing mix of Indian, Taino, European, Sephardic Jewish, Chinese, Syrian, and Irish, absorbed into its mystic Akon and Ebo bloodline.

A fair price for a Jelly is 150 JA. I usually pay 200 at the end of the transaction, because I am broke but not yet busted. As a former English colony tipping is not a thing. Inflating prices for tourists certainly is, but it is more about selling to locals at a price point of survival. In the satiated glow of a belly full of juice that tastes like the nectar of waterfalls in the garden of Eden, rather than the rancid cocunut juice we pay exponentially more for at Whole Foods, a tip is a decent thing.

1 US dollar is $124.44 Jamaican dollars. That equation is not as simple as saying Jamaicans work all day for a dollar. But the minimum wage has been raised to $6200 a week for 40 hours. That’s $50. So when a Jamaican can get a temporary visa to work in the USA doing farm and other labor, they can help sustain their family as costs like fuel rise. Gas is about $5.50 US a gallon.

Imagine how important those work visas were to Haitian families, in a land with no jellies, and not even trees; where a Jamaican friend told me today that the destitute are eating dirt. Donald Trump has stopped all visas for Haitians and if people are not really eating dirt quite yet in Haiti, soon come… dirt will be on the menu. Jesus would not be thrilled, regardless of the Gods the Jamaicans say they worship.

That is the “Maths” as they say in JA. Math skills are coveted here. More on that later this week.

– Musician and writer Davin Michael Stedman has many musical ventures and is one of the driving forces behind the Staxx Brothers. He is partying and working in Kingston, Jamaica right now.

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