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Jamaica Day 2: Wild West Type Crime Fighter, Watching Trump From the Outside, by Davin Michael Stedman

I am not well informed about the Crime Wave that has descended upon Montego Bay as of late. An enigmatic and controversial figure in this struggle to keep Mo Bay open for business and safe for tourists is the retired Crime Fighter Reneto Adams

He is a Wild West type figure that created the perception and possibly a compelling reality that he will fight Crime by nearly any means necessary.

On an island with a population similar in size to the Puget Sound and the Greater Seattle area and over 1600 murders in the last, for a jewel of Caribbean tourism, much is at stake.

The man refers to his enemies in the underworld as Cannibals. A petition is gaining momentum to make him the next Commissioner of Police.

This is all sounds like a real life Western with gun fighters and men who take on Monsters and become Monsters. But I have to keep listening to the people. Every one has a different take.

But I did have an interesting experience walking alone at night in Montego Bay, which became the final verse of my song ‘Spanish Guns’, which recounts my entire trip.

This time I flew into Kingston.

The island needs peace, but at what means and what cost? The once peaceful Trinidad is boiling over as well. Something is happening in the West Indian Underworld and the global economy, but all we see is the fin of the shark rippling through the lagoon.

I don’t want to take away from how much I love the Jamaican people and their hospitality. But this is something real Jamaicans are facing and debating.

IS THIS THE REAL LIFE? Once again my first full day in Jamaica I am at Sly & Robbie’s studio, with Red Rose and Dunbar. Almost a year to the day. And this is what transpired:

We had a meeting with The Cuban director and his writing partner explained my most epic video yet, which opens with a drone following me in a bad ass car as I fly down Jamaican Highway, on the left hand side. I am not making this up. Pure James Bond.

Then we had a meeting with studio publicist Susan Smith. She asked me if I want to perform on Smile Jamaica and the other morning TV shows.

Then Sly Dunbar…times up, gotta run. We’re at the radio station, Roots FM and they are opening up the gates to the compound.


I don’t trust anonymous memes. But I trust anonymous memes even more than I trust our President, who is an anonymous meme.

WATCHING TRUMP FROM THE OUTSIDE: America looks so Bizzare watching CNN with True Rastas at a restaurant serving ITAL (Rastafarian vegan) food.

The Rastas are asking me to explain certain things about the Republicans that are lying terribly on TV. The world is very aware of Trump and his horrific racism and how racist his supporters are that don’t qualify White Supremacy as racism, because much like Hitler into deep into the 1940s, he hasn’t murdered 6 million people yet.

But they understandably miss the nuance and some of the plot lines. But they can also tell who is obviously lying on TV, because they have two eyes and two ears and a human heart.

Telling Rastas that Trump got caught pretending to know who Fredrick Douglass IS? Pretty f-cking Priceless.

Having them ask why all these Republicans are not running for re-election? Pretty f-cking Amazing.

Because my explanation was that mirrors are dangerous to politicians, which is why Ted Cruz has the huge advantage of not being visible in a mirror. Vampires are psychopaths too!

And also follow the money.

The Rastas did express some regret about how their uptick in crime was effecting their image abroad. Which is an idea that America should consider. But they felt a tinge of melancholy, when i told them it was not really issue with Ameeicans because we’re really hyper focused on not solving our own sh-t show.

These are wise men. It’s fun to have them ask me great questions. But the answers are so sad. As I watched the news I said, “your concept of the fall of Babylon seems more and more accurate each passing week.”

The Jamaicans lived this nightmare when the CIA intervened to swing the 1980 election to Edward Seaga. Bob Marley was shot in the run up and mysteriously died in the run down.

But this empathy not WHATABOUTISM. They had their dreams destroyed by a foreign governnmment and they are still reeling about what should have been.

That doesn’t mean I am running around saying What About Kingston, because I said I had Empathy, I didn’t say I was a traitor.

It has been nice to see less Trump. But by less, I mean 15% less.

I do find myself whispering Bumbaclot every time I see Trump walking around like he just sh-t his adult diaper and was proud of it.


…and spectacularly fall.

– Musician and writer Davin Michael Stedman has many musical ventures and is one of the driving forces behind the Staxx Brothers. He is partying in Kingston, Jamaica right now.

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