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Our Martin Luther was a King, By Davin Michael Stedman

Name a greater man than Martin Luther King in the 20th Century.

I can’t. He is greater than FDR and Eisenhower, and those are giants. MLK got murdered in the 60s because he would have been an incredible Presidential candidate in the 80s, and a shoe in as Senator in the 70s.

I have watched MLK debate in a calm lowered voice. He was a rhetorical wizard and he was a rare mix of heady university intellectual and a true charismatic master of oratory. Head to head he smokes Churchill, Hitler, Lincoln, Teddy. And those are the wizards.

Churchill was only THE GOAT if the base requirement was being lit like the Christmas Tree at 30 Rock. Winston was composed of at least 2.2% alcohol when he lisped his way into Valhalla with that ‘Fight Them on the Beaches’ speech, but I digress. It ain’t Winston Day.

Truth is, MLK was Black Cicero and he died at 39 because he there wasn’t a White Man in White Man’s land that opposed him, that was in his league. Name one. George Wallace’s squad used to tease him if that if he was THAT GOOD behind the podium he would already be President. Wallace got shot half a decade later. Wallace had ice in veins on the mic, but Brother Martin was the Sun. Every time he touched the mic it was High Noon.

Few men will ever beat a lynch mob with Love. That’s why he was dangerous. When he broke the law, he showed the World which Laws were Bull. Speaking of Bull, he picked battle grounds and opposition like Sun Tzu. He didn’t trick Bull Connor like he was Brer Rabbit. He added one last Chapter to Art of War. He outfoxed Bull Connor and left him naked with his foolish pride in the light of day.

When you see a man as LOVE SUPREME as MLK you see why smart slaves often played dumb. Being that much smarter than your masters used to be a secret.

Furthermore, Martin’s Movement of Non Violence was already tested by Ghandi. After Martin watched Ghandi end the British Empire by not throwing punches, he found a weapon stronger than the 1st & 2nd amendment that alluded him. Martin Luther knew if he could get states fully enforce and recognize the 13th, we would all be Free at Last.

Free at Last.

– Musician and writer Davin Michael Stedman has many musical ventures and is one of the driving forces behind the Staxx Brothers. He will be partying in Kingston, Jamaica soon.

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