When Pigs Fly – and Other Orwellian Nightmares, by Dylan Van Keef

Oh hell nah’. This 1984 sh_t is so depressing. Does law enforcement have to battle robots? Why do they need these robots peering in our windows and hounding us like bleated foxes their masters will precautiously choke to shreds?


Crime has been dropping since 1994. I would rather be less safe.

But that’s the paradox. These robots manned by cops– with whom we still need work out issues with in regards to profiling, militarization, and aggressive policing– are making me feel less safe. They are the automaton flying ears and eyes of Big Brother dressed up as Johnny Law.

The Dallas Police already blew up a suspect with drone bomb. If they continue to arming police drones, even with “non lethal” crowd dispersal weapons, it’s not us being Alex Jones, it’s them being Alex Jones.

Robo-cops do not make us more safe. And it blows that such a statement is relevant. If cops start treating these flying monkeys like K-9s…

…you just wait for the police to start giving them medals. It will start with sharing credit with their “partners” in jest.

I am not against the police. We need good cops and that is not a militarized police force. Never will be. Our founding fathers were afraid enough of a standing army, that a Gestapo would have them puking in their tri-cornered hats.

The militarization and automation of policing via drones is an escalation that will have consequences I fear, for me as a dude that loves this country, and for the hundreds of millions of mediocre minds lacking very much attainable critical thinking skills and a grasp of basic civics and history. Because a smarter nation would have stopped this right after September 11th when a more brilliant people would have demanded Liberty and / or if not Death, then thrown Sheriffs, Senators, and Judges out of office with our greatest civilian weapons:

Our votes. Our fight to peacefully assemble. Our collective ability to say “Oh he’ll no Johnny, we are the Government and we are watching you.”

But the truth is, Venetian Waltzing to badly orchestrated fears of nebulous terror is the sign of a serious snowflake and a first rate fool.

If the police want to stop terrorism, then prove it by going after Neo Nazis in Everett and every other town with old fashioned police skills. Can these flying robots read swastikas? I can.

So could Dylan Roof. Will this flying cop be able to pick up the next Dylan Roof another Whopper with cheese? Hold the onions.

– Dylan Van Keef

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