HOMIE THAT’S NOT JESUS, by Davin Michael Stedman

I think I may have figured out how Americans of Indigenous Eurasian ancestry, such as myself, have confused the Jewish God Jesus with all our lost but only half forgotten Gods of War.

This has something I have wanted to say for quite a while, but this has reached a boiling point. And traveling to Europe and seeing how the Indigenous peoples of Europa and the British Isles viewed their White American cousins as Savages clinging to their semi auto firesticks with shame and secret fascination, gave me a fresh insight.

FACT: Only 1 of 3 Americans own *passports, and bother with the Freedom of visiting foreign lands.

I overheard this conversation maybe half a dozen times reading dusty history books at the Franklin Arms Brighton and other public houses:

“All these Mass shootings all the time in America, it’s such a dangerous place.”

“When are you heading over on vacation”


Even if you think God died, as He did for many Europeans, in poison gas trenches of World War I, that Americans only experienced for months instead of hopeless generation killing years, it’s seems apparent the rise of a Stalin and Hitler, in their godlessness and nationalism, made themselves Gods of the old Germanic tribes and raiders of the Eurasian steppe.

As many Americans lauded Stalin and Hitler with our usual handicap of over confidence in limited information; as the world wide financial crash we created with our gift for short-sightedness and disposable greed set the table for Hitler (our WASPy industrialists eagerly funded)… don’t you ever forget your ol’ Uncle Joe. Don’t forget his God like statues the Soviets melted down to make new ones.

Stalin with his iron sickle hand of God, starved Ukrainians until many chose to eat their children and their own aging parents, over death. Nothing to see there. Just Hell on Earth.
Joe was feeding Mother Russia and making room in Ukraine for more Russians. I wonder how the folks Georgia back home were eating in 1933.

But this isn’t some rant about Europeans and their color. Stalin was browner than me. You dress the young Georgian up like an Arabian and you would never guess this swarthy insurgent would rule White Russia, in someways forever. Maybe he was the last Khan.

But this is not about the ‘races’ of Europe or that Alpine vs Nordic bullsh_t.

This is about the fact that the Jewish cult of Christianity could only change the warring tribes of Europe so much. When these Europeans did encounter actual Jews they most often told them to leave or die.

Just as the Jewish sect only changed Roman Empire so much, the Romans failed to make Germans into Italians. As they learned in the nearly forgotten tale of Arminius, the German who plotted for years to turn on Rome. When the time was right, in his Roman uniform, he coldly slaughtered three legions with his fellow tribesman in his homeland.

He left their tens of thousands of bodies to rot until the Romans came back years later to bury their dread in mass forest graves. But a Rome in the lifetime of Jesus, that would soon adopt his likeness and wither, would be split then forever between the Germanic and Romantic tribes. When Luther cast aside Rome 1500 years later, Arminius was there.

I’m a Lutheran. I grew up understanding how German and Scandinavian peoples approached Roman Catholicism differently, because of deep yet often subtle social difference. Not race, something more real than made up things like race and rawness of genetics.

But when you hear these NRA worshipping idiots clinging to their guns in the name of Jesus, they aren’t really talking about a Jesus of mercy. The crusades were not about Jesus. Guns rights are not about Jesus. Feeding the poor and healing the sick is about Jesus. Welfare checks and Universal Healthcare and the atheist Bernie Sanders is more about Jesus than an arena full of Joel Osteens.

The NRA is not an organization with even a hint of Christ and his downright socialist values. How much of the New Testament did Jesus spend giving away free healthcare/ Go ask Lazarus.

Just as Christianity got all mixed up in Africa and Caribbean and became something unique, it did the same in Rome and then in forests of Northern Europe.

If you have European blodd like I do. I don’t care if you’re 90% black like my Soul Brother #1 Jimmy James, you have indigenous blood of Europe, a realization that dawned on me on as Levi Cano came in soaked and shouting complaints about the rain as I lay on his couch on Brighton’s Bentham Road.

I looked upon Levi and saw his ancestors all the way back to Stonehenge, back thousands of years all complaining about unpredictable and mischievous rains of Brittania. Each one of them without an umbrella.

He seemed suddenly amused by my keen observation, and smiled, “I suppose complaining about the weather is our National pastime.”

The reason Right Wing Americans cling to Jesus and guns, is because they have forgotten the names of the savage Gods of War their ancestors worshipped in the forest and screamed as they bludgeoned their neighboring Eurasian tribe to death, soaked in the blood that was their own and their enemies.

Long before Jesus was born.

Until they realize that, can we really get these asshats to separate Jesus and guns long enough to have an adult conversation about semiautomatic weapons and the second amendment?

FACT: and I would love to see their valid passports. But I am conflicted. What travel would do for our national conversation on guns. But what trouble might such Americans stir abroad without their side arms. These are the pills we need to swallow.

Learn about Arminius and how he died:

*regarding the one third ownership of passports in the USA, many might actually bother to own them, but milllions have been stripped of the right to use one, but that’s another story.

– Musician and writer Davin Michael Stedman has many musical ventures and is one of the driving forces behind the Staxx Brothers. He is planning a tour of Nigeria for 2018.

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