NCAA Bracket Update, Day 1 by Chuck Strom

My perfect bracket is already history with Day 1 not even half over—#12 Princeton lost to #5 Notre Dame, though the tightness of the game suggests the reasonableness of the pick. Oh, well. Maybe there’s a consolation prize out there for me.

Also saw that my alma mater, UC Davis, won their play-in game to make the tournament as a 16 seed. Unfortunately, they start with my projected national champion #1 Kansas, so I admit feeling a little conflicted. The game is being played in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which seems wrong. Why is their game not scheduled in Sacramento, which is hosting other first-round games? Would it have been so terrible to allow UCD to play in front of a home crowd? That would have been a great Cinderella story to start the tournament, but the NCAA isn’t known for being thoughtful or imaginative.

Chuck Strom

Chucks NCAA 2017 Bracket Day 1

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