Seattle Legends Girl Trouble Fill Chop Suey To the Max for a 25th Anniversary Show, by Holly Homan

IMGP0086[1]Last Saturday November 23, I had the utmost pleasure of heading out to Chop Suey to see Seattle legends Girl Trouble play their 25th anniversary show. 25th anniversary re-release of the Hit It Or Quit It album on Saturday in Seattle at Chop Suey.

Front man, Kurt (K.P.) Kendall wastes no time in emoting the second he hits the stage. This is someone who was born to be on the stage. He’s part rock star and part comedian. The jokes and antics are non stop.

At one point he pointed to a guy in the audience and accused him of being Elijah Wood. Then he made a few hobbit jokes before shedding his shirt and swinging it above his head as he strutted about the stage.

The real surprise came when once GT front man, all the way from Austin, TX, David Duet, came on stage to share vocal duties with Kurt. The first thing he did when coming on stage was to offer a genuine Texas apple fritter to anyone who wanted it before tossing it into the packed crowd. If it hadn’t been mentioned beforehand, no one would have noticed that this was an impromptu, unrehearsed duet. Both he and Kurt continued to try and outdo each other in the emote department. Each of them played up to the audience, which comprised of hoards who had followed the band since their beginning all those years ago. Homage was paid to all the clubs GT played in from Olympia to Seattle. This night they played to a packed crowd and the jokes ran non stop.

For the finale, a couple people leaped onto the stage and were soon followed by more and more. Soon there were about fifty people on that stage dancing with the band.

I am proclaiming Girl Trouble to be the most fun band in Seattle and that’s saying a lot because there are many fun bands in this town. The rest of Girl Trouble seem to play the “straight man” to Kurt’s zaniness, except for one moment when bass player, Dale Phillips stood reading a book called Girl Trouble during one song. The other members of GT are, Bill Henderson on grinding, screeching lead guitar and Bon ganging away at the skins and looking like she belongs on the label of a Swiss Miss product. For anyone who has yet to witness this band, get your butts to their next gig if you wish to experience top notch entertainment.

Holly Homan

Photos property of Holly Homan, all rights reserved.

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