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Ska and Wackiness Abound With Natalie Wouldn’t and Nigel Mustafa Rocking Darrell’s, by Holly Homan

Nigel Mustafa

Nigel Mustafa

On Saturday night November 16, I received a Facebook message that Natalie Wouldn’t were playing a show at Darrell’s with Nigel Mustafa opening. I received this message about two or three hours before it was supposed to happen. Obviously I was going out that night after all.

It had been awhile since I’d seen Nigel Mustafa. I remember being quite entertained when I saw them before. They did not disappoint this time either. Nigel Mustafa is a hodgepodge musically, playing anything from some ska to more pop-based material, to some good old raw rock.

To describe these guys best I would say totally goofy! Vic Pickles ((Lead vocals/guitar/sax) has no inhibitions as a performer. He’s quick with the gaudy humor, claiming he liked to “play with his balls” before sticking his hand down his pants, pulling it out and sniffing it. Another time he unhooked his guitar strap and ran it back and forth over his crotch. He claimed Nigel Mustafa strove to be the least marketable band in Seattle. The night’s set included covers of Man Down Under (done disco style) and Hungry Like a Wolf. For the finale, Vic did a mock lap dance to a well-dressed, unsuspecting gentleman in the audience. In a pique of inspiration, said gentleman leaped out of his chair, after Vic returned to the stage, and stuffed a dollar bill into his waste band. Not to be outdone, Vic offered to let anyone lick his shoulder blades with a sanitary napkin on them. With that the band lit into the Police song So Lonely. The rest of Nigel Mustafa (Bass – Fok Chu Mang, Guitar – Ace S. Wylde, Drums – Hung Lo, Keys/Vocals – Lil Loaf) seem to be the straight men for Vic’s zaniness. All I can say is I haven’t been this entertained since The Squirrels broke up.

Natalie Wouldn’t hit the stage next and they never disappoint either. They opened with their usual, Pussy Go Ska (complete with assorted meows uttered by various band members). They also played Lou Reed’s Satellite of Love. The real surprise was bass player Kevin showing off his brand incredible new six string bass guitar.

The brilliance of Natalie Wouldn’t is the versatility of the musicians. Many of them play multiple instruments in the band and no matter what the size of the club, I can always hear each individual instrument as they blend together. Natalie Wouldn’t is a band that clearly loves playing. Their stage performances individually and collectively are a treat to watch. They always close with their famous ska cover of Free Bird. Natalie Wouldn’t is, Rick Dyvab, guitar & vocals, Mike Fanning drums, Shawn Brockman, Kevin Crosby, Rick Penttila trumpet & vocals, Sean Jensen sax & vocals, Michael Ayer trombone/vocals. Mike Ayers played barefoot and when not blowing his horn, he wielded a mean tambourine and leaped about the tiny stage like a ballet dancer. There was even a guest trumpet player (introduced as Adam Bruno) who added even more liveliness to the show.

Once again Darrell’s Tavern hosted a couple great bands.

– Holly Homan

All Photos property of Holly Homan, all rights reserved.

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