Michel Petrucciani – Round Midnight, By Davin Michael Stedman

How did I miss this guy? Talk about a guy overcoming his disabilities. This poor kid, Michel Petrucciani died at 36 years old but lived to be one of the best Jazz pianists of his generation. He’s off the charts amazing at piano and you’d assume at first glance that his size would limit his ability to even properly perform. Then you find out he had that horrifying disease, osteogenesis imperfecta, that condition that gives its victims extremely brittle bones (he fractured 100 bones before he reached adolescence).

Yet this gentleman overcame excruciating the pain of every moment to play the piano like this.

…and how many people look in the mirror at a perfectly healthy face and pine for botox, or a nose job, or resent the color of their beautiful skin. This guy was a god damn angel.

Davin Michael Stedman

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