Dog Comprehends Lion King Sadness

This part-pug puppy watches The Lion King and experiences all of the tender sadness:

Mr. Fry and His Traveling Bed

This video has been supremely popular on Facebook. I don’t want to deprive anyone in this forum. The Youtube video description goes, “Mr. Fry is a saluki mix from Arizona Greyhound Rescue. He loves to bask in the sun, so he takes his bed with him to a sunny spot for a nice afternoon . . . → Read More: Mr. Fry and His Traveling Bed

French Bulldogs Featured in Greatest Music Video of All Time

This is the music video for which I’ve waited years: the all-doggy video. I really wish pugs were featured in this video, but the French Bulldogs shown here are very cute and using that breed is a way of expressing political solidarity with France after the recent Paris massacre. The song is “Happy” by . . . → Read More: French Bulldogs Featured in Greatest Music Video of All Time

Rise of the Puppy Swarms, by Paul Johnson

There is nothing comparable. I have had several litters and it is worth the stretch marks.

– Paul Johnson

Baby Deer Rescue and Release

If they give Oscars for Youtube videos, this has to be the best documentary of 2015:

I Sing for the Love of Ruby, by Jesse Sykes

(((This turned into an essay of sorts about my dog Ruby’s cremation day (a word I hated when it came to being associated with her) and it’s about her essence of course… written not of sound mind perhaps, but there’s beauty in the story and I needed to tell it quick…thank you all so . . . → Read More: I Sing for the Love of Ruby, by Jesse Sykes

Pug Plays Drums to Metallica’s Enter Sandman

Just a pug, coolly and calmly, playing drums to “Enter Sandman.” Sleep with one eye open indeed…

Retriever Puppy Walks Into a Bar, by Randy Rendfeld

A retriever puppy walks into a bar, sits down at the piano, and starts playing a mashup of Rachmaninoff, Gershwin and Debussy. He’s really getting into it when a much bigger dog walks in, grabs the puppy by the neck, and drags him out of the bar. One guy sitting on a bar stool . . . → Read More: Retriever Puppy Walks Into a Bar, by Randy Rendfeld

Dave the Dog Refused to Eat, by John Moe

Dave the dog, at least partly, may have been named after East Portland Davey

Dave the dog refused to eat until the broom was moved away from the food dish. He fears brooms and doesn’t understand them. He’s been known to bark loudly at them and bite them. Once the broom was moved, he . . . → Read More: Dave the Dog Refused to Eat, by John Moe

Swimming With Golden Retrievers

A brave little dog gets rescued from the river – His recovery will inspire you

Waking Up the Puppy to his Favorite Song, “Let it Go”

Classic Pug Joke

Aren’t pugs wonderful? There is nothing they can’t do. Thanks to

Animated Gif Shows How Dogs Drink

Dogs form the back of their tongues into a cuplike tool and shovel water into their mouths while drinking. This is the opposite of how I thought they might drink. I thought they lifted the water on their tongue straight upward into their mouths. The backward-shovel action is a surprise. Frontward or backward drinkers, . . . → Read More: Animated Gif Shows How Dogs Drink

How Dogs React to Human Barking

When the Dog Stays Home Alone

Funny stuff. Why is the long-haired cat allowed on the hide-a-bed and not the short-haired dog?

Norm, the Selfie Shooting Pug

See him here:

Pug Wears Man Shirt, Man Wears Pug Shirt

I tip my hat to the large man who thought up the idea for this photo. He is truly a pug lover, a friend to animals, and an individual who understands the Internet…

Pug Puppy Cuteness Overload

And here are 24 more huggly pugglies from Buzzfeed.

Cats and Pugs Partying Together

Peter Dysart discovered this advert last summer while on a trip to the UK. The Brits love their pugs and so does EPB: