Cecil Was More Than Just One Lion, by Jesse Sykes

((((Facebook is aggregating all the people in my pipeline that feel Cecil the lion is getting too much “air time” or they just don’t “understand” all the hoopla- and there seems to be an empathy war going on between all the injustices out there. Also, thee “if you eat meat why do you care?” . . . → Read More: Cecil Was More Than Just One Lion, by Jesse Sykes

Swimming With Golden Retrievers

Brother From Another Mother

Have You Seen this Cat?

Thanks to Art Chantry.

Seal Kisses Couple

Cooper’s Hawk: Cycle of Life, by Andrea Miller

Heard a ruckus in the backyard, only to discover a Cooper’s Hawk trying to catch some lunch unsuccessfully. (a baby robin hidden in the bushes that hadn’t quite found its flying wings). Lots of upset robins trying to distract the hawk, but it was my appearance at the screen door that caused the hawk . . . → Read More: Cooper’s Hawk: Cycle of Life, by Andrea Miller

A brave little dog gets rescued from the river – His recovery will inspire you

Remove Cat Before Flight

Waking Up the Puppy to his Favorite Song, “Let it Go”

JOHN CLEESE Insults TAYLOR SWIFT’s Cat Olivia Benson

Classic Pug Joke

Aren’t pugs wonderful? There is nothing they can’t do. Thanks to boingboing.net:

Animated Gif Shows How Dogs Drink

Dogs form the back of their tongues into a cuplike tool and shovel water into their mouths while drinking. This is the opposite of how I thought they might drink. I thought they lifted the water on their tongue straight upward into their mouths. The backward-shovel action is a surprise. Frontward or backward drinkers, . . . → Read More: Animated Gif Shows How Dogs Drink

How Dogs React to Human Barking

See Hero Cat Save Toddler Boy From Vicious Dog Attack

Bunny Eating Raspberries

When the Dog Stays Home Alone

Funny stuff. Why is the long-haired cat allowed on the hide-a-bed and not the short-haired dog?

SuperAwesome Cat Video – Dansons La Capucine

Curious Cat Peeks Over Bed

Norm, the Selfie Shooting Pug

See him here:


Pug Wears Man Shirt, Man Wears Pug Shirt

I tip my hat to the large man who thought up the idea for this photo. He is truly a pug lover, a friend to animals, and an individual who understands the Internet…