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About is the world’s foremost group blog and is believed to be last independent forum of ideas in the Pacific Time Zone. Featuring deathless prose from talented contributors located both in East Portland and around the world, EPB was founded in 2008 to provide quality internet content relating to humor, history, video, religion, politics, music, animals, sports, news, TV, books, the arts and important internet trends.

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East Portland Blog is dedicated to humor, brevity and precision.

The rest is silence.

Contact – EPB2012 [at] Hotmail.Com

East Portland Blog, this venerated regional gazette, seeks volunteer writers and content providers on many topics including Portland news, restaurants, food carts, music, night life, recreation, politics, movies, TV, internet fads, Hip Hop, Kpop, Bollywood, Latin Music, religion, sports and more. EPB has a storied history and a tradition of quality material and high traffic. EPB writers can expect freedom, flexibility, global exposure and excellent web promotion in exchange for writing, content or commentary. Eccentricities, humor and occasional sarcasm are eagerly sought and warmly welcomed.

Sometimes it’s engrossing, diverting or fun to create, even when you don’t get paid for it. Volunteer creators have complete freedom and can follow their wildest muse when money isn’t in the equation. Often, this liberty will result in an artist producing their best stuff.

And sometimes the benefits for gratis creating are indirect, but still uplifting. Nothing done for the public good, for the supplementing of your own karma, or for whatever gracious reason anyone could ever think of, is ever wasted.

Please send samples, completed pieces or pitches to EPB2012 [at] – And please navigate around the site to acquaint yourself with our successful format: