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Tia P. – Revolution

This is a powerful tune. Give it a listen.

With clarity and resolve, the message is clear, “Revolution” is for the NOW, where matters such as race inequality, police brutality, sexual abuse against women and children are at a significantly troubling high. Without lament, this Anthem of the (now) majority voice of mankind is filled with syncopated cadences that draw you in to lyrically modulating truths. Entertaining and dynamic Revolution is reminiscent of the music resonating during social movements of the 1960’s, with its evocative lyrics tackling specifics like human and civil rights, race, DACA and civil liberties of others.

A true artist and creator whose motivating influences begin with fundamental truths and unambiguous objectives, Tia P. is no doubt a forerunner for her generation and the next, advocating for the most important audience of all… humanity.

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