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Jamaica Day 10: Michael Moore Good, Donald Trump Bumbaclot, Clapping on the Back of the Beat, by Davin Michael Stedman

I had so much fun in the studio with Owen Bassie, Wrong Turn, and Kirk Bennette. Yes one of the top keyboardists in Jamaica is named Wrong Turn. He got his knickname from King Tubby. But the first time I met Wrong Turn, it was when I first slipped into a Sly Dunbar session last year, and he stopped the session to say,

“You look like Michael Moore.”

This made Sly Dunbar so happy that he called me Michael Moore the rest of the day. Which is high praise because Michael Moore is revered here as a good American with a good heart, and at the opposite end of the spectrum, even Conservatives here regard Donald Trump as an evil clown made entirely of Bumbaclots.

Michael Moore Good, Donald Trump Bumbaclot.

Such a good day. I met with the Cuban music video director and we had the most real chat about Cuba and America. The struggle is real there. He made this amazing point about how The Embargo is hard on the people of Cuba, but it is also a scapegoat for everything. It’s so great to really talk to intelligent people from other cultures that are trying hard to succeed. And the fact that he’s a Cuban that learned proper English here in Jamaica says a lot about my no Spanish speaking ass. Then again, I wonder what I would do if I were submerged in a Spanish culture.

But this session though. Glorious. I played guitar live and sang with these session Lords in real time like a big boy and it’s on Facebook Live. Thanks to the MVP Lenni I-Music for being there to make that happen.

It’s surreal. BJ DjSticky (Bluejay aka Dj Sticky ) just told me a dozen people want dub plates of ‘Free Your Mind’. Anthony Red Rose is a pop genius. Son or daughter they are going to be named Anthony Red Rose.

Speaking of Red Rose, he’s taking me shopping in Kingston so I don’t look like a lame tourist in a major music video. It was my idea. I need help. And a Dancehall Godfather has the help I need. The Cuban said he had a guy that would create clothes for me for very cheap. I need all that. I am only a few degrees cooler than stepping onto the worldwide reggae radar wearing Crocs.

The Cuban’s super hotnovia is going to play my girlfriend at the end of the video, which is also cool. Hats off to hot Cuban nurses everywhere.

Oh…here’s a sweet video of the bass great and producer Owen Bassie showing me where to clap when I bring the song home to cut vocals with Mell Dettmer. If this video does not make you smile, seek medical attention, and show the Doctor this video. It will make him smile. If he doesn’t change doctors immediately.

Momma the Jamaican Star said I’m a Dance Hall singer. My incredible publicist was apologizing because they didn’t run my photo. I laughed because I was so happy with this and I told her my picture was kind of whack.

This is the Jamaican Star. I need to look Boss. We are going to take some photos on the video shoot this weekend for the Jamaican Observer, once upon a time James Bond creator Ian Fleming’s by line.

Davin’s new song has been released. Listen here on Reggaeville: DAVIN MICHAEL STEDMAN & ANTHONY RED ROSE – FREE YOUR MIND FEAT. SLY & ROBBIE WITH LENKY MARSDEN

– Musician and writer Davin Michael Stedman has many musical ventures and is one of the driving forces behind the Staxx Brothers. He is networking and reporting from Kingston, Jamaica right now.

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