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Jamaica Day 5: Michael Bolton is Loved in Trench Town, by Davin Michael Stedman

Only a Trump Presidency could create a political environment where and leftist street demonstrators will rally to defend a former head of the FBI and a Republican.

Please pause and just meditate for a moment how f_cking insane Trump has made our everyday reality.

Because I am a huge fan of Robert Mueller and this civil war inside the United States Government needs to be stopped. And I need to stop liking Robert Mueller this much. It’s f_cking weird and I am not alone. This needs to End.

…as soon as Trump and his son are rooming together in medium security prison, and we are able to explain to these terd bandit Make America Great Again cockroaches that they are not really Republicans.

They are National Socialists. And Trump deserves to serve Chicanos dinner every Tuesday and Thursday.

“Heeeeey Doooonnie, I know you have no huevos, but put another one on my plate Carnad. The Nazis can’t protect you no more. They roll with the Nortenos.”

At least the Mexican mafia has an ethos.

# #

PS: Why is James Comey the GOAT on Twitter? Who are we?

What do you think about this van? I am selling our van Greyskull and considering the purchase of this battle wagon in Kingston, Jamaica. Thoughts?

TRENCH TOWN #1: Americans tell me I am joking that Michael Bolton is HUGE in Jamaica. Well today it’s time to level up. He’s the man in Trench Town. I recommend you don’t front on Bolton in these tenement yards. They are celebrate his WHOLE catalog son.

Jamaicans are backing up Lundberg and the Bosses on this one. It’s a work ethic thing. Bolton puts in work in Trench Town on the sound system. These folks glimmered with pride that Bolton has blessed Jam Rock many a time with his power balladry.

– Musician and writer Davin Michael Stedman has many musical ventures and is one of the driving forces behind the Staxx Brothers. He is partying and working in Kingston, Jamaica right now.

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