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Please Jeff Bezos: Let Those Mothers Work, by Dylan Van Keef

If Amazon was really on our side why would they be investing the 100 billion dollar might into taking away jobs from hard working American mothers that actually have some dignity and a still almost decent pay check as cashiers.

We see the End Game. Putting women out of work, whether single, married, separated, or just students is going to cost us all a lot in ways that will have so many repercussions. And for what?

Absolutely nothing. Jeff Bezos is already the richest man in the world.

All you have to do is only shop at places that have people working the register and refuse to use the self checkout, no matter how ‘inconvenient’ it seems. Because it’s going to be really inconvenient when these wonderful women lose their well deserved dignity and end up homeless. Because some of us reading this post will because of automation, and some of already are.

I am not a Luddite. Technology can create jobs. Bad ones, good ones. Old ones. New ones. But it can also take away the ones that represent the fabric of our community; interactions that actually help fight depression because someone does want to talk to us, remember our name, and ask how we are doing today.

Don’t forget that Prositution is the oldest trade and it’s going to boom as automation accelerates faster than we can adapt. Teenagers are going to want products but aren’t going to find jobs. Mothers are going to want to feed their kids but they won’t have jobs either.

Use the real check out line. Resist. Use market forces to force these titans to make our lives better, not our descent into poverty more hip and convenient.

Stop doing other people’s jobs for free. You get that money back when you employ a neighbor. The paycheck is one of the only ways money even stays in communities.

– Dylan Van Keef

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