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Baskery – Hard On You, Shut the Cat Flap (Live in Wishbone Studios, North Hollywood, CA)

Take a listen to the extraordinary musicianship and taut harmonies of Baskery, self-proclaimed QUEENS OF BANJO PUNK and a trio made up of sisters Greta (banjo, drums, vocals), Stella (double bass, vocals) and Sunniva (guitar, vocals) Bondesson. The electric live take (above) of one of their catchiest but still unreleased songs, “Hard On You,” was just added to Youtube this week. Spinning outlander folk and angrily countrified stateside traditions through an original emotion storm of turbulent energy and magnificent, Euro-refined artistry Baskery have been expanding minds around the globe with ear-splitting, explosive and sui generis live performances. (Note the particularly expressive moment at 1:42 in “Hard On You” when the vein above Sunniva’s right eye pulses up fat and purple like an embolism about to burst. There are very few artists in the world who are willing and able to commit to their music to the degree that she does here. It is one of those supremely rare and beautiful moments where an artist holds nothing back from the audience and it is deserving of a Grammy.) The Bondesson women are originally from Sweden, but as you can see and hear, they are now more American than the Daytona 500. Their most recently-released push song and video is called, “Sick of the Remedy” and below is the interestingly-titled, “Shut the Cat Flap.”

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