XTC – Dear God, by Steve Stav

Well, that was certainly something. Even had miniatures, and a model train for effect. Kismet. For the novice, an XTC album was typically akin to an omnibus of vivid, eccentric, short (British) stories… as if Mark Twain were raised in England, and had read a bit more Shakespeare. For fans, a documentary on XTC in 2018… would be like if people waited 30 years for any sort of film on the Beatles. A great documentary on this band that we held so dear to a part of our hearts… it was so good, oddly enough towards the end I couldn’t wait for it to finish so Andrea and I could excitedly talk it over.

This was all inspired by Showtime’s airing of the This Is Pop documentary tonight. How odd, XTC on Showtime like it’s 1986.

– Steve Stav

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