Black Bond & The BitCoin, by Davin Michael Stedman

New James Bond plot: The founder of Bit Coin Satoshi Nakamoto, was an American that passed away leaving his massive stake in the crypto-coinage dormant and unreachable.

But a hard drive is found in a garbage dump in Nigeria where an enterprising teenager realizes what he has on his hands. He accesses Satoshi’s stake and makes a single transaction that sets off a man hunt for the individual that controls not only the key to billions, but the power to manipulate the currency.

…And thus by proxy, all the copy cat currencies in the waves of confidence and cowards in the Wild West speculation of a wealth that is backed by nothing more than fluctuating faith in an idea.

This Nigerian boy now owns the spark; the treasure of a ghost that named himself Satoshi Nakamoto.

The true identity is exposed and the family stakes its claim but armies, agents, rogues, hit men, and everyone that has a stake in this Brave new world wants to find this kid, in an adventure that starts in Lagos and moves from continent to continent as this brilliant teenager accesses untold amounts of wealth that rises and falls by the minute, and by his actions and various statements and rebuttals online.

He always had to learn fast.

The value begins to climb in a suspicious manner, and other markets begin to be effected in ways that make it appear as if there are other players…

Will this Kid be good or evil, or is anyone all that good who is chasing him? Is anyone anywhere really good, or is surviving good enough?

The North Koreans grab him first, and realize he has all the information memorized. But the Chinese are coming to collect, and so is Bond.

Bond is Idris Elba, finally.

Mtrill Teria, Ayo Dot, Millitant Link, Merry Christmas.

Disclaimer: Written in 7.5 minutes in the freezing cold, raking leaves…in the dark. Because I procrastinate on everything except inspiration.

– Musician and writer Davin Michael Stedman has many musical ventures and is one of the driving forces behind the Staxx Brothers. He will be partying in Kingston, Jamaica soon.

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