Another Message in a Bottle Signed, Captain Obvious, by Davin Michael Stedman

I love my friends but I don’t believe them when they tell me this Flynn / Trump thing is a Nothing Burger. This is like if Richard Nixon had the KGB breaking into DNC offices. You know, instead of those Cuban agents Nixon soon wished the CIA would have left for Fidel, to feed to dogs after the Bay of Pigs.

On a side note, these Cubans were probably just CIA clones of Ted Cruz. They eventually brought down Nixon because they would not shut the f_ck up, and kept demanding more hush money.

These weren’t the cool Cubans. Not the Buena Vista kind. These were the rich entitled Ted Cruz Cubans that got so greedy that a couple hipsters with beards took over the biggest and richest island in the Caribbean with a ship called the Grandma, that was just a sinking yacht.

But about Trump-Gate. If you don’t believe me just watch. Nixon was being stupid. But Trump is actually stupid.

Remember what happened Julius Caesar. It was the Senators.

Nixon resigned after a phone call with his bitter rival and frenemy George Wallace, that would trade dirty tricks back and forth like street level Devil Pimps.

Nixon had begun the dismantling of the Southern Bloc, by turning Racist Southern Dixiecrats into Republicans that would later vote for Trump and buy Red Hats for the whole family.

But in the end as Nixon’s empire crumbled he needed those Southern Democratic KKK loving Senators to survive Watergate after the biggest Electoral win of all time.

Governor George Wallace put that railroad spike through his heart like a Danville Train.

“Sorry Mr. President, I just can’t do it.”

Donald your time in the barrel is coming too. When he is no longer President, his force field will be down. It will be his own with the Twitter knives that no longer need or fear him. They will bring him down.

D.C. has always survived. The Republicans talk cutting it down, but they are only making it bigger.

The Republicans are watching the polls and putting their love of Jesus on a Tax Plan, to save the 1% of God’s Children that give them the Grace to live a good life of Pork Barrels and Bad Ass Side Chicks.

If Trump does last 4 years, America might not last 14. If Trump last 4 years China and Russia’s plans are complete.

Don’t forget Waterloo. It took all the tigers to take down Napoleon. Trump’s greatest gift to our Cold War opponents that have co-opted Capitalism but not Democracy, is that Donald can turn the world against us with the push of a button.

In the end the button we should be most worried about is not ‘Launch’ but rather ‘Post’. The Nuclear strike has already happened on Twitter. He hits 40 million men, women, and Children around the globe in a second and the shockwaves hit a billion more.

It’s all a Nothing Burger of course. Until it isn’t.

The Russians did the Spying for a US Presidential Candidate in the primaries and in the general election, and Robert Meuller has the goods.

…and you have had the MI6 Dossier since January 10th, and yet again, Flynn pleading guilty proves it is more authentic as we head for a triumphant shower of escort Russian Gold.

– Musician and writer Davin Michael Stedman has many musical ventures and is one of the driving forces behind the Staxx Brothers. He will be partying in Kingston, Jamaica soon.

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