There Will be a Dust Bowl in Paradise, by Davin Michael Stedman

The greatest scam of this generation is that the mega-rich are clearly hoarding resources because they know the scientists are right about Climate Change.

But the hustle is that these same people have bought off the Republican Party to create a rule of law that signals this is not the case, while duplicitously deregulating our system for these billionaires to hoard what’s left on the table, to increase their chances of survival.

The mega rich are gambling big here because time and time again, during uprises through out history, such as in France and in Haiti, many of the rich lost their heads. But usually the mega rich get away. It’s a class thing!

Think of the Nazis that had the gold and counterfeit British sterling to flee to Argentina and the Nazis that had to stay and get mass ______ by the Red Army in an act of historical vengeance.

The other Jedi mind trick is that literally billions have been spent so that you as an individual believe the Government can’t fix this. Oh but it can. Well at least it could until Citizens United, when the Republicans bought enough Supreme Court seats.

The Government fixed the Dust Bowl and kept the Midwest from becoming the New Sahara. The Government traded food stamps for farm bills and ended real Starvation (but not hunger) in this country. Our obesity is a by product because we took it too far and did not adapt to health concerns. But the government obliterated Starvation.

How about the New Deal that gave us Social Security and built our infrastructure, or incredibly high Republican taxes during the Eisenhower administration that gave us the GI Bill and all these highways?

In the 1950’s we had a Red Scare, but it was the New Deal that actually stopped a Communist plot from taking hold. And the Mega Rich were so paranoid about Social Security leading to Stalin, they bankrolled Hitler. That’s a fact.

But we don’t talk about and learn how effective the Federal Government can be and has been, because the Mega-Rich have filled our heads with so much toxic garbage we have no room for this very basic history. They even bought offthe classrooms. It’s not what you do learn. It’s what you don’t learn.

The fact we can name the entire Kardashian family and not even a couple successful Federal programs does not mean there are no successful Federal programs. It just means that even so called Liberals are obsessed with a family that voted for Trump en masse and is on the air to keep us stupid. At they very least they reflect our stupidity.

Now you can comment about But Hillary and you be small minded and be anti-Semitic, or you can say this is the Book of Revelation for almost the 2000th year in a row and ignore this is all a man made disaster that only humankind can fix.

Or you can use your brain and acknowledge that the party that got bought and the people that have been fooled into disregarding Climate Change are Republicans.

I know I know, my Dad is a Republican that believes in Climate Change too. You know so does Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson. That’s the SCAM.

There have been many scams, but this is one they, a united front of billionaires that represent so much national, ethnic, and religious diversity, are using to steal the World. At least what’s left of it.

You know how? You know why?

Because Billionaires know that diversity works too! They just pay enough money so peasants see it otherwise.

Your class has been dismissed.

– Musician and writer Davin Michael Stedman has many musical ventures and is one of the driving forces behind the Staxx Brothers. He is planning a tour of Nigeria for 2018.

Soundtrack: Woody Guthrie’s ‘Dust Can’t Kill Me’

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