Squirrel! Dennis Rodman saves the World as The Left Falls for Every Pump Fake, by Dylan Van Keef

The Left is smarter than The Right in this country, but that advantage is nullified by our inability to the recognize the most basic tools of misdirection.

It makes those that recognize these tricks feel hopeless, which is very much the point.

The granddaddy of them all is watching the Right play the ‘Enemy of you is a Friend of mine’ trick over and over.

Liberals thought they won the culture war, and think in terms of absolutes now, which is basically The Fox News of things.

But this is all something we were taught as children going back to the dark forests of Germany, back to Africa.

It’s the Big Bad Wolf. It’s Wikileaks. It’s News stories circulating telling us we need to confront #42 Bill Clinton when his ass was impeached 20 years ago, and “P_ssy Grabber & Chief” is the President that needs to be impeached tomorrow. And the next day. And the day before yesterday.

Or maybe we should wait till 2047 when the Environment is supposed to truly grab us by the d_ck and toss in the unmarked graves of history. That is if we don’t elect leaders that are willing to confront Climate Change and Nuclear proliferation in a manner more clever than talking sh_t to his enemy, that is also really tight with Dennis Rodman.

I mean I like Dennis Rodman but when are being out maneuvered by an idiot who has made Dennis Rodman our greatest hope at evading WW3, the American Left needs to take 48 hours and learn about fallacies and basic propaganda techniques, and start quizzing one an another.

Start with the Soviet propaganda fallacy called ‘Whataboutism’ as in ‘What about Hillary?’


Someone needs to put that in a book and put it under everyone’s tree and shame them if they don’t read it.

When it comes to the destruction of Mankind, which will vindicate everyone on of the religious wackos that have been on repeat since the year 33 AD, I think Shaming is perfectly appropriate, regardless of your particular trigger.

Because Donald Trump has the ultimate trigger. The United States Nuclear Arsenal, which has more power than anyone’s version ever dreamed. All the mythological Satan can do is say,
“C’mon Donny, just push it once, Donny. Show em’ Bruce Springsteen isn’t Boss anymore”

Have you seen Trump’s twitter feed. C’Mon, American Left, it’s time to pass the 8th grade.

Also Dennis Rodman is doing his part to try to save the world through Diplomacy, so let’s do our part. He understands the mental side of defense better than we do.

Dennis Rodman isn’t the James Bond we want, he’s the Jack Ryan we deserve.

Dylan Van Keef

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