Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe: If the Killer is White, Trump Lets it Go, by Dylan Van Keef

When it comes to White Terrorism and machine guns, Trump is a real turn the other cheek guy.

If ISIS claims just one of these upcoming White Terrorist attacks just for the sake of trolling our troll President, Trump might go permanently cross eyed.

Guns don’t kill people, people that do nothing about people killing people with guns kill people. Also, guns totally kill people.

It’s not like just one thing that kills people when innocent kids get shot in a church or a classroom. Like crashing a commercial plane, a lot of things have to go wrong in a row.

Because that’s not normal. If these attacks happened in Africa, we would be sending in more troops than we already secretly have there. Because this is 3rd world demonic butcher Freddie Krueger haunting your dreams type sh_t. Is this Texas or the Sudan?

Imagine if ISIS had been Dylan Roof, Las Vegas, or Aurora, or New Town, or this shooting in Texas at a Church that wiped out half the town.

I know conservatives keep talking about Chicago. But the profile of a terrorist in this country is no longer the highjackers of 9.11. That was 16 years ago, and we are back to Tim McVeigh land.

Even the Boston Bombers and the recent attacker in NYC came from men from former Soviet Republics Putin wants back in his orbit. So that’s weird.

And The Boston Bombers were literally Caucasians.

Yes Islamic extremism is a big problem. But it’s not our #1 terrorism problem in America right now.

…and of course the definition of Terrorism absolves average White American dudes from the label of terrorism. I am sure ISIS has a stupid definition of terrorism that insulates them as well.

For the record I stand by the 2nd amendment, but not by people that forego the well regulated militia part. Because those are extremists. Who would march for an amendment they can only remember half of?

Also “But Hillary. . .”

I said it first so you don’t have to.

Dylan Van Keef

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