The Real Threats to American Democracy, by Davin Michael Stedman

Let me tell you something that Putin understands, that his Soviet predecessors were blind to in their circle jerking Marxist cult:

America was never going to be over thrown by Leftist labor leaders, or beatniks, or hippies, or Black Panthers that took night classes and found out they had the right to bear arms.

The only serious threat to America besides the British we provoked in 1812, is Southern Conservatives.

During much of the Cold War they were Southern Democrats. But round about the time JFK got his brains blown out in Dallas, the Republican party began to get invaded by the party of The South. The duplicitous party ruled by planters that had once torn the United States apart and gotten over half a million Americans killed in their defense of Slavery, which even their traitors still call, The Lost Cause.

We are talking about sick f_cks that have Historians that mark the Civil War as the Birth of a Nation; right after they shot our President Lincoln, so they could install the pretender that pardoned them all, before he got himself impeached (sound familiar?).

Jefferson Davis and General E. Lee should have hung side by side flanked by the rest of their government from the gallows. And these Soviets wasted 70 years trying to convince a bunch of soft spoiled college kids to over throw the United States? Of course it didn’t work.

If you want to over throw the US you need to target these nihilist Christian conservatives that tell you every single year since 34 BC that the Jesus has returned and Armageddon is here, as if these ‘signs’ don’t appear every year and Revelations isn’t a meandering and unfocused drug hallucination (said Martin Luther).

When you have Pat Robertson saying to Trump he needs to pardon everyone and fire Mueller, we are talking about the real Traitors the Russians should have been courting, not Che Guevara. The Soviets should have recruited George Wallace and Barry Goldwater and his fully loaded B-52s.

This is Walt Whitman. He did NOT fire on Fort Sumter.

It wasn’t the Hippies like Walt Whitman that fired on Fort Sumter. It was those dirty back stabbing game cocks from South Carolina.

I have read the Confederate Constitution. Man, I would hung those guys after a fair trial.

But Social Conservatives that want to hoard everything and live like warlords, is what Russia has returned to, after the pendulum swung towards the peasants and their communal fantasies, before human nature and the next famine set in. That’s the direction Trump is taking us as he parrots Bannon’s vision of ‘American Carnage’ and other key phrases that make a traitor’s dick micro hard.

I am not being anti-CHRISTIAN. These Social Conservatives are about as Christian as Stalin was a communist.

The Social Conservatives are to Patriotism as what Mainstream Country is to Johnny Cash and Hank Williams. They rip up their flags and make silly outfits. The attack the poor and tell them Jesus is their savior.

Putin looked at America, and he found our Traitors. It ain’t Cornel West, it’s Paul Ryan and his stupid vest.

The litmus test is how these quasi Christians handle Nazis and talk about the end of the World. I can find out if you’d make a great traitor in seconds.

Tell me what a great leader Hitler was and how the latest news across the bow of your gold fishbowl is a sign of the End Times, as I murmur about The Spanish Flu and the Bubonic Plague.

These traitors never play fair. The only signs the World is near its end, is the Radicals that ignore climate change and elect the most unstable celebrity in America as our President.

That makes suicide bombers and North Korea seem like the Good Old Days, when those Commie bastards were trying to convince spoiled rich kids to resist their Capitalist urges and embrace their Jane Fonda Ho Chi Min Trail Committee bullsh_t.

But Putin is a visionary. He saw America loud and clear. He aimed for the trailer parks.

– Musician and writer Davin Michael Stedman has many musical ventures and is one of the driving forces behind the Staxx Brothers. He is planning a tour of Nigeria for 2018.

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