The Creepshow Return to Seattle for a Grungy, Saccharin & Rowdy Show, by Holly Homan

On the balmy Sunday night of October 22 I ventured to the Funhouse to see the Creepshow. This punk quartet hails from Montreal and combines sweat, grit and charm into one tight package. Singer and guitarist, Kenda oozes so much charm, I left feeling like I’d had a major sugar overdose, but I overdosed on the finest chocolate and went down happy and wanting more.

Kenda was all over the stage, often leaning into the crowd to serenade some of the dudes up front. At one point she took her mic and danced on the floor with audience members. When Sean “Sickboy” McNab (Upright Bass / Backup Vocals) took over on lead vocals, Kenda stood on this small half wall just off stage and proceeded to do a few chin ups on a pipe that ran above.

Keyboard player (The Reverend McGinty) never stood still. He leaped up and down, twisted and gyrated while pounding the keys and providing backing vocals. Drummer Sandro Sanchioni thrashed as if possessed by demons and wore nothing but a pair of gym shorts. Guitarist Chuck Coles burned a hole on the stage floor as well as the roof with his driving sound.

This is a band that truly enjoys playing with each other and also playing to an audience. There was also a decent turn out for a
Sunday night. No one can accuse Seattle of NOT liking the Creepshow.

Playing prior to the Creepshow was a get up from Asbury Park, NJ called Sammy Kay. This band, led by no other than Sammy Kay, sounded like Springstein meets Rancid. This is a scruffy looking lot and Sammy’s voice perfectly combined Springsteen and Tim Armstrong. They had a more traditional rock sound with a smattering of punk. Sammy brought up the fact that there is a lot of “fucked up shit” happening in this world and if you were someone who hated others based on who they are, then you can just take a hike (this seems to be a common sentiment expressed by a lot of bands I’ve seen of late). These guys put on one hell of a show and even performed a killer cover of Do You Wanta Dance. I highly recommend them.

Before Sammy Kay was a Tacoma band who played this same stage a week prior but I’d missed their set so was stoked to finally get to see them. This excellent band call themselves the Stoned Evergreen Travelers. Their singer (Kevin Pfefferle), is a lanky dude with a long white beard and a growly but powerful and gutsy voice. He made his guitar screech and wale as if he were torturing every note from it. The band is comprised of two males and two females. Mischa Kianne wielded a wicked bow for some wicked fiddle sounds while TJ DeMots slapped away at a stand-up bass. Then add Jeffery Greer on drums and run it through a mixer and you have a sound that is like no other — part hillbilly with some punk and straight up rock thrown in. But to appreciate this band, you have to come out and see them. They are incredible.

Gracing the stage before Stoned Evergreen Travelers was one of my favorite Seattle punk bands, Dreadful Children. This is another band that has evolved beautifully over time. Like a good wine, they get more flavorful over time. Spicy would be a good way to describe them.

This is also a band that defies stereotypes in that they have a female guitar player (Lizzie Franks) who also trades off on lead vocals as well as providing harmony. Her voice is smooth and sweet and the perfect contrast to the grungy vocals of Lonny Bristle. Add Johnny Mischief on bass and Kevn Labarre on drums (whose ginger locks whipped about in such a frenzy he almost looked like he had a flame thrower on his head) and you have a clue of what you’re in for when seeing Dreadful Children play. They are well worth the effort of a trek to whatever club they happen to shake up next.

The opening band didn’t just warm up the stage, they set it on fire and made it into a raging inferno. The Glaring, from Seattle, is a band with a bit of pedigree for those of you with long term connections to the Seattle music scene. They hail from bands like the Fartz, the Screaming Starts, the Detonator’s and more. This hard-hitting punk band had a screaming female vocalist in platinum pigtails (Jessie), with Carl, Josh & Todd providing the rest of the raw, raging power. They shouldn’t be missed.

Whoever books talent for both the Funhouse and El Corazon really knows how to pick acts. Every time I attend a show at either club I am always blown away by how good the bands are. This night was no exception.

– All photos property of Holly Homan, all rights reserved.

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