Former Go-Go’s Member Jane Wiedlin Fronts Elettrodomestico at the Sunset Tavern, by Holly Homan

On Wednesday night October 18, I braved stormy weather and headed to the Sunset Tavern in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. Playing was a band called Elettrodomestico with Jane Wiedlin (formerly of the Go-Go’s) playing guitar and singing lead vocals. Playing with her were Joe Gore (P.J. Harvey & Tom Waits) on bass, Dawn Richardson (3 Non Blondes & Tracy Chapman) on drums and Pietro Straccia on guitar.

Pietro looked like he was straight out of Badfinger whose fame piqued in the early 70s. He had shoulder length hair and wore a suit with thin red, white and blue stripes. I also loved that this lineup had a female drummer. I love the breaking of stereotypes and you don’t see too many female drummers. And she could bang away as well as any of the male drummers.

Jane herself oozed charm. She looked dazzling wearing a see-through tutu that was long in the back and short in the front. The black leggings and calf length lace up black boots enhanced the look. Her voice was as crystal as ever and it was obvious she’s taken good care of herself over the years because she looked sharp.

Elettrodomestico played two Go-Go’s’ songs (Our Lips Are Sealed and We Got the Beat as the finale). The rest of their songs were a combination of psychedelic, poppy, with some sixties retro mixed in. There weren’t too many in attendance. The Sunset isn’t much bigger than my living room, but I counted approximately 20 people there including one man wearing a Go-Go’s shirt. Perhaps the threat of bad weather (which missed Seattle) and the fact that this was mid-week, kept more people from attending. Pity, as they missed a good show.

Opening the night was another “baby band” called Dot Comet. This Seattle quartet didn’t look old enough to be in a tavern yet. They were accomplished musicians though. Musically they reminded me a lot of Blur and some Oasis, but with their own DNA thrown in to give them their unique sound with jangly guitar hooks and smooth vocals. They’re also very cute. Dot Comet is, Brannen Graves (vocals, bass), Sandy Dodge (guitar), Nick Brown (guitar), and Ryan Graves (drums).

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Elettrodomestico has released a music video for song “NIGHTBLIND”:

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