Home of Peanuts Creator Charles Schulz Lost to Wildfires, by Chuck Strom

This last week, I happened to remember that Peanuts creator Charles Schulz lived in Santa Rosa, CA, so I did a quick search to check on the fate of his home and museum. The museum, with the bulk of Schulz’s original artwork and memorabilia, is intact, but his home was totally destroyed with his widow able to save little but the clothes she was wearing when she evacuated.


As a northern California resident, I have seen a lot of fires come and go over the years, but this one has been different from the rest. It’s one thing to see evacuations and destruction in mountain forest towns, where one might suggest that those who reside in such areas assume the risk of fire by choosing to live there, but it’s quite another to see a large community near San Francisco suffer like this. It compels us to set aside any belief we might have had in our immunity from such events. If it can happen to Sparky Schulz, it can happen to us.

Chuck Strom

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