Oh, We’re All Taking The L Now Homie, by Davin Michael Stedman

I came to a hard realization today. If we are dealing with a people that dealt with losing a War by spending the next one hundred years putting up 1500 cheap statues, there is no way we are going to convince them they were fooled by Donald Trump. Not in our lifetimes.

These are the sorest losers in history, and now they think they won something.

This is a culture that calls the days of Slavery their heritage.

This is a culture that was conned by fast talking carpet baggers from New York after the War.

By now this all has become a sad Southern tradition like going blind from bad alcohol and pretending the Civil War wasn’t even really about Slavery.

It just sucks because I actually like the South and 46% of them are truly on our side, our people; decent Americans that want to shop at Co-ops instead of Walmart, and see the South rise again through cooperation and diversity.

…and when I say South, I don’t even mean just the Southern States but rather a state of mind. In another fireside chat we’ll discuss why people in Wasilla, AK and Darrington, WA have a twang.

But I have this bad feeling like the same bad instincts that led all these Po’ Whites to fight a war for Elite Plantation owners, that kept them broke, is just the status quo.
Those Po Whites before the Civil War actually believed the North was keeping them down, when it was actually Plantation owners using Free slave labor to do work at rock bottom rates they could not compete with.

I know it sounds like they were just a buncha’ dumb dumbs then, but it ain’t so different from what is going on right now on the floor of Walmart, as employees stock goods for less than a living wage, made by poor people in China making much less.

I guess we move forward just by moving forward because there is still tomorrow. There is still comedy. This Last Week Tonight with John Oliver did bring me such laughter, followed by an…ah faaaack that Carpet Bagger is still our village idiot King.

Only 3 and half more years to go on the chain gang America. Don’t even say 4 more.

If this post makes you mad and you think I am a Yankee Libertard A-Hole, at least do yourself some justice and watch:

Last Week Tonight – Confederacy:

– Musician and writer Davin Michael Stedman has many musical ventures and is one of the driving forces behind the Staxx Brothers. He is planning a tour of Nigeria for 2018.

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