Eating From Your Yard Tip: Peppers, by Jill Kuhel

Eating from your yard tip ~ There is a pepper for everyone from sweet bell peppers and sweet banana peppers on the mild end and habaneros and ghost peppers on the hot end of the spectrum. Where to start? My grandson demands jalapeño peppers on his pizza and loves a who can eat the hottest pepper challenge. Chocolate begs for chili pepper~add a little chili pepper, cinnamon and cardamom to your hot chocolate or brownie recipe. My left on brother Slacker Dave makes a killer pepper mix from a combination of the peppers he grew, dried and ground. Bell peppers are a natural for stuffing with meat and rice as are jalapeño stuffed with anything sweet and better yet wrapped in bacon. The last food day at work a coworker brought in candied jalapeños chopped in cream cheese. Even people who don’t like hot loved it. At Bob Henrickson ‘s homemade hooch party there was ghost pepper infused alcohol served with a dropper. My buddy Ed Bannister has started a venture with a partner making hot sauces from peach habanero to red scotch bonnet. Ed also makes a mean onion pie topped with chopped ghost peppers, which makes it difficult to feel your face for the remainder of the evening. I add Thai chili peppers to my fermenting cabbage and anything pickled. My favorite by far are all the lovely Ghanaian foods made with habaneros. A girl could go on and on, but I hope this sparks some ideas. How do you eat peppers?

Jill Kuhel

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