If We Could All Be Giants, by Davin Michael Stedman

I am not going to comment right now on the insane machine gun slaughter at a country music concert in Vegas, or tell you yet what Tom Petty means to me. But I will head into work to trim that sweet legal erb and keep getting a little smarter and laughing out loud a little harder listening to U.S. Senator Al Franken’s great book Giant of the Senate.

Franken would be a great President, and that’s the #1 reason why he won’t be. He’s also wise enough to know how much SNL’s Greatest writer of all time can get done on the Senate floor.

But America could use a President that is this god damn funny, because you either laugh or you cry. Sometimes you laugh then you cry.

Also he’s a f_cking genius, and he doesn’t seem like he was brought back from the dead like Mitch McConnell, John McCain, and Nancy Pelosi’s frozen Botox smile.

Plus his explanation of why he did blow on SNL and how he wrote the Andy Garcia movie When A Man Loves A Woman about how much he loves his wife, as she successfully made her way through all 12 steps of rehab is pretty touching man.

God Bless America. Carry on Al. Celebrate the good ones while we got em’

– Musician and writer Davin Michael Stedman has many musical ventures and is one of the driving forces behind the Staxx Brothers. He is planning a tour of Nigeria for 2018.

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