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106 Degrees in San Francisco, CA, by Chuck Strom

The title is not a misprint. When I arrived in San Francisco to see the Giants on Friday, the temperature was 102 degrees. The high had been 106, smashing all previous records and reversing the normal weather pattern of cooling temperatures on the Bay inversely proportional to the summer heat of the Central Valley, as Mark Twain once famously described. For the first night game of my life in San Francisco, the sweatshirt I had brought was totally unnecessary. The experience was a fitting confirmation of an NPR Science Friday segment that I heard while driving down to the City. With global warming a firmly established component of our climate, events like Hurricane Harvey are only the beginning:

As for the Giants, all that needed to be noted of their evening, if not their season, were the nine runs given up by their bullpen over the game’s last three innings. The rest of the world may be getting warmer, but the Giants are headed for a long winter.

Chuck Strom

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