Van Morrison – Transformation

After 72 years, Sir George Ivan “Van” Morrison is still wandering through buttercup summers and playing new games down in the hollow. “Transformation,” (above) a song from his upcoming album, his 37th, forms his latest summer into fall meditation.

It’s gold baby, this “Transformation,” and it comes to us just as northern hemisphere leaves turn gold.

If you, like me, are still sharing the Van Morrison journey in 2017, you’re probably just the sort contemplative aesthete who enjoys long autumn walks in the forest. This song will take you there. Again and again.

Van is joined on this song by legendary rock guitarist Jeff Beck (he bears a strong resemblance to comedian Jeffrey Tambor nowadays) and Beck’s bright mid-range fretboard diction and plaintive slidework speaks tonal truth to this tune perfectly.

Titled Roll With the Punches, Van’s new album will be released September 22.

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