Eating From Your Yard Tip: What to Do With the Glorious Glut of Tomatoes? by Jill Kuhel

Eating from your yard tip~what to do with the glorious glut of tomatoes? Tomatoes are in most dishes we prepare, but after you have eaten your fill of fresh tomatoes on your BLTs, in bruschetta, sliced tomatoes served with basil and balsamic vinegar or put them in your egg casseroles, green and pasta salads etc etc. What do you do with the glorious glut of tomatoes that come on all at once? My go to was to blanch them to peel off the skin then freeze them to use over winter until Sara Zimbelman told me about cooking chopped tomatoes, garlic, onions and olive oil down together in the oven then freezing it for winter use. Her idea is especially helpful because those ingredient are the base for most dishes anyway, so you are ahead of the game. One year McClain Kuhel dehydrated sliced tomatoes then I ground them up and put them in a jar. We used them to thicken and add flavor to soups and tomato sauces. It was a lot of work so we never did it again. Gina Dutton Grosenbach makes jars and jars or salsa. Last year Pam Wealand shared some of her and Jay’s fabulous marinara sauce. Bill Martin posted that he canned his tomatoes already. What do you do to preserve your glorious glut of tomatoes? I’m having a little pizza for lunch topped with tomatoes. How do you like to eat your tomatoes?

Jill Kuhel

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