Eating From Your Yard: Lemon Balm, by Jill Kuhel

Eating from your yard tip ~ Lemon balm aka Melissa crushed in your hand and left in a pitcher of water overnight in the refrigerator makes a lovely mother’s little helper tea to calm and brighten the mood of both mother and child. Chop up fresh lemon balm to add to your green or fruit salad, in spring rolls or baked in sugar or lemon bars. In the days of old the catholic monasteries created closely held recipes for Carmelite Water and Benedictine liqueur both using lemon balm/Melissa along with other herbs and spices. They were thought to cure all the ills of the time and if not the Carmelite Water was used to cover up the smell of those ills~ ha! Alison Krohn has made some very fine lemon balm/Melissa infused vodkas. Fun fact Melissa comes from the Greek word mellisisa for honey bee and is a favorite of bees. How do you eat lemon balm/Melissa?

Jill Kuhel

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