Eating From Your Yard Tip: Wood Sorrel, by Jill Kuhel

Tuesday eating from your yard tip~just step outside and odds are good you will find wood sorrel. Gladys Jeurink, an old respected gardener in my town, advised to leave it in my garden because the rabbits prefer it over other plants and will eat it and not your plants. Little did I know at the time that the leaves, flowers and seed pods of wood sorrel are edible. They are sour and tangy. They add a little zing to your salad. Wood sorrel in hot water makes a lovely warm lemon drink. The little cucumber like seed pods are refreshing thirst quencher on hot day in the garden. Kay Young garnishes her potato salad with wood sorrel. Wood sorrel has vitamin C, but also oxalic acid so people with gout, rheumatism or kidney stones should avoid it, but for others with a balanced diet it isn’t usually a problem. How do you eat wood sorrel?

Jill Kuhel

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