Eating From Your Yard Tip: Garlic Scapes, by Jill Kuhel

There are few things I love more than garlic. Garlic scapes prime our taste buds for July’s garlic harvest. The scapes are the seed head forming above the garlic plant. By cutting off the scape all the energy is directed to creating the most fabulous garlic bulb. Scapes even come with their own handle for easy gathering. The garlic scapes tastes like garlic, so it can be added to dishes you would normally use a garlic bulb. Over winter Pamela Cuttlers gifted me a jar of pickled garlic scapes, they are so addictive ~ I have been eagerly waiting to make more. The recipe only called for the stems so I stir fried the seed heads with the intention of adding them to pasta, but they were super good and not many were left for my lunch. On a visit to see my cousin Sherry Glass-Smith at the top of Wisconsin we tried garlic scape pesto at a local farmers market~off the charts garlicky! To make the garlic scape pesto just blend the garlic scapes with olive oil, Parmesan cheese and roasted nuts. Tonight my plan is to try bacon wrapped garlic scapes over the summer solstice fire. Has anyone tried tempura garlic scapes or garlic scapes infused in vinegar or alcohol? I am oozing garlic, but boy am I happy! How do you eat garlic scapes?

Jill Kuhel

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