Darling Cora – Yearn, Hallelujah

A year ago, Darling Cora released, “Yearn” the first single off her debut album, Heart Strung Out and EPB was quick to latch on to the magic. This spring she released a beautiful video (above) to accompany the song. If you have yet to discover this promising Toronto artist, please take this oppoortunity to do so.

“Yearn,” says Darling Cora, “is one of the simplest tunes on the album, and is also the most heartfelt and optimistic. It is about being in love with someone who you so strongly believe is your destiny and future, to the point where you have such faith that they will return to you when the time is right. Is this a song about true love? Maybe, maybe not. But it certainly is about as honest and sincere a longing for it (true love) as there can be, whether grounded in reality or not.”

This spring she also shared a live cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” which she says owes much inspiration to Jeff Buckley. Please check it out below.


And here’s Darling Cora having a blast in Jeff’s Musical Car, a high-spirited Youtube interview show filmed in a car which has a great theme song.


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