Elder Blow Has a Light Fragrant Taste, But Packs a Cold Fighting Punch, by Jill Kuhel

The elderberry bush produces lovely clusters of white flowers, which later turn into deep purple immune boosting fruit. The trick is to knock the flower heads a bit so the white flowers fall off with a whole in the center (this is the elder blow) leaving a little white part still attached to the cluster, which will turn into fruit. It is a win win you get your flower and fruit too!

Elder Blow has a light fragrant taste, but packs a cold fighting punch. My favorite is just a cup of warm elder blow infused water, but you can add it to many yummy treats. A simple syrup made from the elder blow can brighten a fruit salad, frosting, cocktail or flavor cold water. You can also infuse alcohol with elder blow or make a cordial. Ikea sells elderflower syrup and drink if you don’t have a bush by you. Kay Young in her book Wild Seasons suggests adding the elder blow to your fritters and waffles. She warns that a little goes a long way. Luke Norse makes marshmallows from marshmallow root. We were talking about using infused elder blow water in the recipe. Elder blow makes a nice jelly too. Save a little to dry to drink by the fire over winter. How do you use elder blow?

Jill Kuhel

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