Absenté Reo – Khan Yunis, Spirit Engineering

Absenté Reo is an engineer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and remixer from Brighton, UK who produces a range of soundtrack, acoustic and contemporary dance and future bass under various pseudonyms.

While travelling through USA, Cuba, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Australia, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil; Blind Rivers Absenté Reo collected many strange instruments and has become adept at playing the Charango, Ukelele, Chinese Erhu, Peruvian Marimacho, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Percusion and pretty much anything that’s got strings.

He recently wrote in to EPB to say, “I loved some of the stuff I found on your blog. I wanted to submit two songs which I recorded whilst I was backpacking through South America. Khan Yunis was recorded with a Bolivian Charango and Chinese Erhu. Spirit Engineering was recorded with a charango, both whilst I was backpacking through South America.”

And here’s a spirited video made by Katelyn Minoso of footage from her trip to China using “Khan Yunis” as soundtrack music.

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