The Rebel Light – Where Did All the Love Go?

Los Angeles poppers the Rebel Light have a new song for you. It’s called “Where Did All the Love Go?” and vocalist and keyboardist Will Steil emailed to say, “When I wrote this song, I am not sure anyone could have predicted the political chaos our country would have descended into… each breaking news headline seems worse than the one preceding it & we sit here trying to make sense of the circus unfolding in front of our eyes. So yeah…. ‘Where Did All The Love Go’? I miss that warm fuzzy feeling when things felt right and it seemed like we were all on the same team focused on progress and working towards a brighter future.”

“Where Did All The Love Go?” will be released in Greece by Panagiotis Loulourgas at Heaven Music, the man behind the Rebel Light LP’s breakout success story in Europe.

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