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A Valuable Discovery – The Spot For Autographs, by Chuck Strom

On my visit to AT&T Park last month, I was watching the Giants take batting practice when I noticed something important: players would come to the end of the dugout to sign autographs. Armed with this knowledge, I arrived early enough to be one of the first people in the gates when they opened and made my way straight to the dugout. I was not disappointed, and after my experience of waiting hours for autographs at Fan Fests, the process seemed unbelievably easy. I wasn’t sure at first who signed my ball, but a quick Google search revealed it to be Derek Law, one of the bullpen pitchers. Not exactly the status of Posey or Bumgarner, perhaps, but I was happy to get the signature. Law made it even more worthwhile later by pitching a perfect ninth inning.

I can’t wait to take my kids next time.

Chuck Strom

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