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Comey Firing Resurrects Hunter Thompson’s Nixon Obituary, by Vino Knight-Trane

James Fallows of The Atlantic linked HST’s Nixon obituary in his post on Friday following the Comey dismissal:

He Was a Crook: Hunter S. Thompson on Nixon – The Atlantic

He Was a Crook. A scathing obituary of Richard Nixon, originally published in Rolling Stone on June 16, 1994.

I’m not sure how I missed this piece when it came out, but I laughed out loud several times. Conventional wisdom suggests that HST had lost his fastball as a writer by the mid to late 80s, but his Nixon obituary suggests that he still had a lot of life left in him in 1994.

This may seem uncharitable, but I hope to live to read an obituary like this for Trump. Unfortunately, the good Doctor won’t be around to write it.

– Vino Knight-Trane

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