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Lessons for Trump in CIA “Ashes” and Korean War, by Davin Michael Stedman

REALITY CHECK: How much you want to bet that Trump doesn’t know that we actually fought China in the first Korean War, and that they whooped our ass? It was an ass whooping that ended as a stalemate and North Korea is still here taunting us because we lost. We almost got pushed right into the sea and nearly set off World War 3.

It was Putin’s predecessor that bet correctly that we wouldn’t use a Nuke to save face in a proxy war, once the Reds had a nuke. The DMZ today stands for good reason. If it was just about Kim Jong Anybody, it would been over in 1950. And we’re going to stand here and pretend this is about that Umpa Loompa, because our Umpa Loompa doesn’t know how to read books, or even briefings and his own Executive Orders?


The Korean War sure was a gas for all those Reds. It even features that mustachioed butcher Stalin calling the shots and out calculating us, and he wasn’t even that good at Chess, for a Russian (He was a Georgian). He was much better at starving Ukrainians. Stalin killed more Russians than Hitler would have, even if you had handed him the bomb we dropped on Hiroshima and he set it off in front of the Kremlin. Talk about plowing salt into your fields. Stalin plowed his own citizens into his fields from Stalingrad to Siberia.

Did you know that the book 1984 is a fever dream of George Orwell coming to terms with the fact the utopian dream of Socialism could be strong-armed into a repressive state-controlled hell? And the shock that Stalin was so successful at silencing dissidents that neither American socialists, nor genuine US communists, nor our Right Wing establishment and it’s spies, knew what the hell was going on in Stalin’s USSR until after Stalin was buried.

Americana just projected themselves on what they wanted the Soviet Union to be. Utopia? Sure. A rich nation pushing ahead of us on all fronts? Sure. But actually No. It was willful & lazy ignorance, a rich privileged nation projecting our fantasies and ideals upon our adversaries. It’s a particularly American weakness, that no one has mastered at the level of Donald Trump, with the exception of his electorate. We think we are #1, but we don’t even bother to look at who would be #2, because we are quietly afraid we aren’t even #10 outside of our inconceivably massive GDP, and the laughable % we expend on defense vs our best weapon against our enemies: education.

You know Wars you never hear about like the War of 1812, when the British burned the White House? We don’t hear much about them because it’s embarrassing. That’s propaganda by state sponsored amnesia. The only reference I’ve heard recently in mass media to the Brits burning the White House was on drunk history. And now in the age of Trump, we are living drunk history, and stumbling, bleeding credibility and power towards global war.

THINK OF THE KOREAN WAR AS A BOXING MATCH, and you only have one arm:

If a guy knocks you almost out of the ring and you end up in a draw you lost. Now China has Nukes and they have hacked our infrastructure. Oh and they own notes on our houses and they funded the wars we have been losing since 2001. Of course they want to loan us blood money. It’s so we can bleed. The Vampire Squid meets Vampire Squid in a bar…and in walks a puppet dictator.


We lost the first Korean War because the CIA was so busy toppling banana republics and manufacturing Jihads in middle eastern nations, while projecting their own paranoia on Russia, they didn’t actually do any real spying of note.

According to this book, Legacy of Ashes, the CIA accidentally funded endless Communist groups and sent busloads of Ivy kids to their death because Russia had spies in Britain’s MI6 and the Russians just sent over fake freedom fighters to pick up cash. The CIA was training these stupid ivy leaguers as Commandos during say 2 or 3 week course, and they pretty much all died like dogs. Yale and Harvard Professors sold college kids in the 1950s on an exciting job right out of school traveling abroad for the US Government, and they ended up getting tortured and dead without trace or medal of anything because it was off the books.

Now if the CIA has traditionally been that bad at Intelligence right through the yellow sh_t cake we were force fed in Iraq, how dumb is Donald Trump?

In this book Eisenhower is completely embarrassed and led into folly because the CIA was simply lying to him. But we are not dealing with a great general turned Statesmen like Dwight D. Eisenhower.

We are dealing with a US President that might be too crazy to lead North Korea.

After tearing through this book up to the Cuban Missile Crisis it is clear on three things about American Intelligence.

1) We are consistently gullible and are easy to feed disinformation even as we try to create our own disinformation that hardly anybody believes. We cried wolf and we were the Wolf.

2) We need to cling to our technological and financial advantage like a stripper pole.

3) Everybody making major decisions in the CIA was dying of alcoholism and their decisions were fueled by alcoholism. The old guard of the CIA was wasted at noon. These dudes were bums. You could have ran the CIA better just by stopping all paramilitary b_llshit and just focused on hiring people that could actually understand the languages of our enemy instead of this WASP hacks.

I ask again, if Ivy Leaguers are this dense outside the classroom in the battle field of life, how dumb and reckless is the guy that finished second by millions upon millions in the popular vote?

I love my country, I am a patriot. But we have been misrepresented for a long time by men like Donald Trump and Fred Durst. But we would be much safer being led into a Chinese land war by Fred Durst.

What should we do then? Recognize when you are fighting a puppet. If you destroy a puppet at best you bruise a Chinese knuckle. It’s a trap to embarrass and weaken us, and Trump is winning at those twin objectives. At best North Korea is just a thug. North Korea has never been a Boss. You must identify the Boss.

This is my book report for the week. Back to promoting my show with Los Lobos May 13th at the Historic Everett Theater.

– Musician and writer Davin Michael Stedman has many musical ventures and is one of the driving forces behind the Staxx Brothers.

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