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Sweet Spirit – The Power

Austin’s self-described “freak parade,” Sweet Spirit, harnesses the force of their eight-piece band to create a high-energy, soulful, gritty, and just-straight-up-fun soundscape. Sabrina Ellis’ (A Giant Dog) standout vocals provide the anchor for the array of pop, rock, glam, soul, and blues that blend together seamlessly. St. Mojo, the sophomore album, came out on April 7 via Nine Mile Records and “The Power,” the single from that work can be heard below.

Accolades, buzz and visible champions aside, to see (Sweet Spirit) is to live well and experience a sense of revival and joy that is dynamic, blue-collar, heartfelt and underdog, steeped in the ways of rock that you know while carving a garage Motown alleyway that’s all their own, led by the songwriting engine of Andrew Cashen and frontwoman Sabrina Ellis, whose heart-stopping and riot-starting vocals are a sight rarely seen.

– Paul Stinson (May 17, 2015)

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