Violet Leaves and Flowers: Delicious and Nutritious, by Jill Kuhel

Violet leaves and flowers are edible giving us vitamin C and A. I add violet leaves to my lunch salad. The flowers make a lovely edible garnish on fruit salads, soups, drinks or desserts. I freeze the flowers in ice cubes to add to drinks in the winter when I long for a taste of summer. We can’t forget violet jam and the endless possibilities of violet simple syrup added to vodka, desserts or over fruit. You can also make violet vinegar by covering the flowers in white vinegar for four weeks. Hunky horticulturalist Euell Gibbons cooked violet leaves with bacon fat then topped them with bacon and cut up hard boiled eggs. My friend, Karalyn Neville, candies the flowers by painting them with egg whites then sprinkling them with sugar . Enjoy the violets~

Jill Kuhel

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