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Basketball’s New NCAA Champions, Fresh From The Gridiron, by Chuck Strom

Given that last night’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship was played in a cavernous NFL stadium, it seems appropriate that it eventually resembled a football game, with lots of hard contact as North Carolina and Gonzaga struggled to deny each other anything close to an open shot. One has to wonder how much Portland native Nigel Williams-Goss’s injured ankle impacted his final shot, easily blocked by Kennedy Meeks for the decisive play of the game. Playing through the pain may not have been the best course in this instance, but now the Tar Heels can go home with a feeling of redemption for last year’s last-second championship loss.

And now, major league baseball is back, and the San Francisco Giants have picked up where they left off, blowing a lead in their first game of the season. Normal life has returned.

Chuck Strom

2017 Final NCAA Bracket

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