It’s March – Time for NCAA Bracketology! by Chuck Strom

Monday Night: 3/13/17 – Most of the interest in NCAA basketball, I suspect, comes from the gambling opportunity offered by the March Madness Tournament. It also doubles as a free lottery ticket if you take one of the many free online bracket challenges, in this case Yahoo Sports. Only a few days remain before the tournament starts, so fill out your bracket while you can.

NCAA Brackets, of course, are akin to throwing darts blindfolded, since no one who is not pathologically obsessed with NCAA basketball could possibly know enough about all 65 teams to pick winners intelligently. As for my strategy, I picked a couple of upsets where the underdog had some history in this regard, such as Wichita State and Princeton, but otherwise I figured on high-seeded teams generally making their way to the Final Four. Oregon I gave some benefit of the doubt to make the Elite Eight, and my biggest stretch may have been to have Gonzaga make the national championship game—the Bulldogs have had a habit of choking away high seeds in the past, but maybe this year will be different.

Updates to come as the tournament progresses.

Chuck Strom

Chuck’s NCAA 2017 Bracket

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