Requiem for Rhonda Rousey? by Davin Michael Stedman

ronda-rouseyI’m not claiming to be a fan of the UFC, but this fight was amazing. The conditioning, quickness, and strategy I witnessed during Rousey vs. Holm was breathtaking. This is violence. This is brain damage. This is capitalism. You could see Rhonda Rousey’s market value and aura of invincibility hit the canvas harder than her head.

There is always a pirate booty in a rematch, but the King…er Queen just lost her head. Female cage / street fighting has become big business and a sweet science. Any one who has ever witnessed a girl fight growing up knows the savagery two women can unleash on each other. Boys fight and become best chums and bro-mate for life. Girls fight and tear out earings and aim to make each other ugly. Women are far more likely to fight to the death…or the point here when Rhonda’s brain is damaged to the point her entire body shuts in a puddle of compromised corporate endorsements.

Reporting from Dublin, Ireland, I remain

Davin Michael Steadman

PS. As soon as I hopped on the bus from Dublin Airport I was mobbed by a gang of kids right out of Central Casting, sporting crew cuts and looking like the cast of Stand By Me, “Hey Sir, Yer’ from the States are ya’, I bet you have a bunch of Euros!”. They asked me about my whole trip, and since I didn’t have many Euros to spare, they were pleased with my Snatchee Records / Staxx Brothers beer Koozie.

Three sisters from Dublin fed me Guiness until I had a contented look on my face and sent me home safe in a cab. I am going to miss having an awesome accent. It comes in handy.

Dublin I salute you.

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