The Police – Darkness, By Daniel Housman

Woke up in the mood for this gorgeous B-side by The Police.

As a bonus, a fan has lovingly assembled footage of them through their brief, amazing career, and you can truly see their spirit as people and as an utterly special band — with Andy Summer’s melodic magic, and how Stewart Copeland and Sting completely energized each other to create their best, but also fought with each other until it ruined the band (you can see them literally fighting here, before a festival show). I was also struck by how much Stewart Copeland is doing just with the cymbals’ texture… it’s like he’s making love to the melody with just the high-hat.

Anyway, remember how much people posted music in the early days of Facebook, and so few do anymore? I know no one in an office has freedom to listen, but in case you get a break, for the memories…

Daniel Housman is a screenwriter living in Los Angeles.

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